About Us



I’m sure many people wonder why we created another strap roller for the trucking community? And I have to say, this is not just another strap roller. This is innovation.


We here at Time Bandit have strived to create a product that will help reduce the risk of injury, relieve work stress and increase productivity for drivers. Our innovative product accomplishes this by taking most of the work out of handling cargo straps. Regardless of the weather outside, the Time Bandit is ready to go.


 You see, I’ve been the driver standing rolling up my straps in the rain and snow, so I can certainly tell you from those experiences, that I decided there had to be a better way.  Especially when you consider you don’t have much choice unless you want to face the hefty fines for not getting your straps rolled up and put away.


 So, I created the Time Bandit - an Electric Cargo Strap Winder.  It can roll up a strap in about 9 seconds. I can personally tell you, I can’t do that.  It has been tested for the roughest conditions and it has been durable enough to withstand.  But for the everyday driver, even the durability isn’t that important.  Time is…..


 So as I was saying, it takes 9 seconds to wind up a cargo strap. That’s up to 30x faster than the average person. Which means you could be back on the road in a matter of minutes.  I have personally spent an hour or more rolling straps in the past and to think I could do it now in minutes is astonishing.


My goal was to help both drivers and companies. A company can definitely benefit from getting it's drivers back on the road in such a short time. So, whether you own one or 100 trucks; it all comes down to the operating cost. Inevitably, the hour spent winding cargo straps costs you time which could be much better spent transporting the next load.


Factors such as the rising cost of diesel (average price of $4/ gallon), mounting DOT regulations along with stringent and time consuming inspections make the Time Bandit well worth the investment. Add to that the improper storage of straps which can result in excessive deterioration causing higher risk of unsecured loads, accidents, insurance claims, and increasing repeat strap purchases. Those increased repeat strap purchases alone can lead to even further revenue loss.


Suddenly you can now see not only the immediate time saving benefits of the Time Bandit; but, you can also see the long term future savings for your company. We here at Time Bandit truly believe in our product and that "when time is money, you can't afford to be without the Bandit".